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  1. y’all over complicating shit no detouring or delaying is implied and it says in the rules that a T can be warning shot for not taking the direct route to the location.
  2. face reveal?

  3. balls.

    jailbreak in 2021

    I can't really understand what point you're trying to make here since there is basically scenarios and examples stated in the rules. If there are admins who aren't administrating properly by thinking something as a detour is basically KOS then obviously somewhere something has gone wrong because admins are expected to understand the rules and what they mean and enforce them properly. They have plenty of other staff members who they can reach out to even the SM for that specific server that will happily explain to them what the rule means if they aren't entirely sure. I don't really understand the confusion on this part from both the players or the newer admins who don't seem to have a clear understanding or definition that they can give to the players when asked. Personally, if I was put into a position and didn't have a clear understanding of the rules, I'd either refer to the rules like they should or let the player know where the rules could be found. In both videos, I would label both of those as delaying/detouring, because Kuri took a detour to potentially grab the Deagle and then proceed to isolation like the order was given. In Easterpink's case that would be labeled as a delaying since he was periodically stopping then continuing the order. Both of those scenarios would at most require a warning shot if the CT felt it was necessary because they were both heading in the correct direction just sort of being a pain in the ass. Personally, I just think these younger CTs are power tripping a little too much and think the actions that they think are justified aren't going to come with repercussions due to my feeling that some admins (the newer ones) aren't fully confident in their abilities to handle a situation like that. While I've been around for a longer period of time and would consider myself more lenient when it comes to minor things something like a CT being a "nazi" I would stop real quick because basically KOSing for a small delay or detour the CT should be punished for that. But again this is just my personal opinion on the situation.
  4. balls.

    jailbreak in 2021

    when is your admin reapply date? So I know when to reapply for admin
  5. balls.

    jailbreak in 2021

    this thread makes me want to just commit acts of aggression against the new jailbreak players.
  6. If all of you are being held captive and at gun point by zzl you can reach out to us to shut down his hierarchy, there is no way you all are siding with jb players and zzl. there's just no logical explanation.
  7. some of y’all need to go get some hoes instead of going to awp secret, i’m only at 11k
  8. wow creten such a great event!