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  1. Chad

    EYE-ball like cyclops 

  2. Surprisingly, Steven sums up our thoughts pretty well here. Proud of you lil bro! This idea has been brought up and rejected in this thread here:
  3. In politics, my dear fellow, you know, as well as I do, there are no men, but ideas - no feelings, but interests; in politics we do not kill a man, we only remove an obstacle, that is all.

  4. sir cartnite

  5. I'm very sorry, but I have to block you. You probably don't care why I'm blocking you, but just in case you're interested, I'll explain.  What you sent me doesn't actually have any emotional impact on me. However, it shows me what type of person you are. It indicates that you're the type of person who deliberately tries to provoke negative reactions from other people. I don't wish to interact with the type of person who does that, so I have to block you. It has nothing to do with "hurt feelings" or "not being able to take a joke". It has to do with the content of your character

    1. rygor


      lil baby my favorite rapper


  6. can i borrow your fushigi balls? i lost mine

  7. huh, comander, my balls still itch

  8. until
  9. rygor

    Introducing KZ!

    dont hmu, watching the sun rise shout outs to all who worked on and helped test the server! Excellent work guys!