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  1. Big bro

  2. hello fellow gamers, for those of you that dont know me, i am a patriot, a freedom fighter if you will. recently it has come to my attention that the chinese government has infiltrated discord hq and installed some sort of anti american language filter that DELETES YOUR ENTIRE MESSAGE if you say a potty no no word. i am requesting that the freedom fighters of the steam gamers discord team go into the mainframe and destroy this anti american technology that is plaguing the steam gamers discord server. thank you and god bless america
  3. @Acerpoll close!
  4. this event was really fun i really enjoyed participating we should do more events like this bring back monthly art contest it doesn't have to be just art it could be other stuff too like music or idk photos or something idk sculptures maybe? pottery? something like that #BringBackMAC
  5. i know u gamers cant twerk so i made this for u guys take notes this is very important
  6. just to clarify is this may 1st 11:59 or today(april 30th) at 11:59?
  7. if cringe banter could revive the servers, you guys would be the greatest fucking managers of all time
  8. the king enables comments 


    1. rygor


      yes your highjness king iof new york