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  2. @gween CONGRATS GWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN shouts out my EC buddies @Astraland @Dommaking their transition into yellow slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff :slight_smile: @Steven.#5554 hey steven bff But seriously, congrats @Steven.! Congrats to our new ZE managers @Paralyzed @Takutoand @Maniac! I had alot of fun playing ZE earlier today and I am looking forward to the future of the server! Heres to ZE!
  3. Seems like a good idea as long as the rounds don't get too out of hand with usage of powers. I'll definitely look into this, Thanks for the suggestion @Amazing
  4. if you guys do plan on going through with this, would you guys be open to adjusting what specifically makes the bot delete messages(example: the amount of caps used, etc.) atm it seems like typing just a couple words in caps will get your entire message deleted.
  5. gunna ordering

  6. Rygor

    Among Us Event!

    Thanks to all who played today! Looking forward to more Among us events in the future!
  7. Rygor

    Among Us Event!

    10 minutes till we start!
  8. Rygor

    Among Us Event!

    Event in 2 hours!
  9. In the team leads area of the staff directory maybe add some sort of notation as to which team they lead: https://gyazo.com/428c0a1dc8e77a31afff2e7fe2a6bf73 Also when viewing a users profile make it so you can view all the ranks they hold as opposed to just the highest one: https://gyazo.com/3c4fdefd0eae02d56790db325eb7b73b https://gyazo.com/e36e8561d3381405bb6c767581f9f9e9
  10. Rygor

    Among Us Event!

    Event is tomorrow at 3!