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  1. A message to the BDs: I do not condone the actions going on in the chat right now. I believe I was joining a “SG Fan Club” but this is a deepweb hacking circle instead. I do not take responsibility for any actions carried out by other members of the chat. All messages I have previously sent in the chat have been satirical.

  2. dont think I forgot about your pickle chin ahh boy, you need to get some hoes bro holy damn

  3. "I killed you because you had your knife out and looked at me" - I just lag, not toggle! :laugh:

  4. Just bought the game. Hyped to play with the sg community!
  5. My brother has risen amongst the ranks!

  6. Thanks for supporting me on my admin app! Greatly appreciated ! :D :D :D :D

  7. What a great run o7 :usa2: