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  1. My brother has risen amongst the ranks!

  2. @crazedkangaroo good to see you back! Congrats to everyone else on the promos!
  3. Thanks for supporting me on my admin app! Greatly appreciated ! :D :D :D :D

  4. One of the best Kanye West songs from one of his most underrated album
  5. What a great run o7 :usa2:

  6. Finally @Chad.....congrats to everyone on the promotions!
  7. So I am looking to build a brand new computer right now and I wanted to see what you guys think of the parts that I have selected so far. My budget is at $1,500 and I am looking for any suggestions on any part of my build to create the best build for my budget. I would also like to hear all of y'all personal experience with certain PC parts such as AMD vs. Intel CPUs, AMD vs. NVIDIA graphics card, or if you guys would suggest a better cooler for the CPU instead of the stock cooler. Thank you for all the feedback! The PC parts I have selected so far: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/jvcVjp
  8. :drank:

    :drank: caught lackin O.o.o.o.o.