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  1. Jmc

    Making a rap song...

    @Tweedledee@rygor get a load of these copycats bud!
  2. Jmc


    Moth gang stay strapped!
  3. Jmc

    What temperature is your coffee and what is the color of it? While you're at it, what is the alphabet A-Z!

  4. Jmc


    New York and New York City are bipolar when it comes to weather
  5. Yo let’s go, Dark Voyager skin, time to send these Ts to outer space!
  6. It only Displays official ranks like Sub, VIP, Board of Director, Lead Server Manager, this is because you can no longer customize it like on the last forums, correct me if I’m wrong.
  7. Oh my god, steak.... the sauce.... lynxie bro this illegal how much power you have over my hunger
  8. Dude... Sushi.... soy sauce and avocado cucumber tuna roll, oh my god, this thread is making me a monster man :(.
  9. Jmc

    Astral bro, you a part of space but still can’t find any women, that’s astronomical!

    1. Astral
    2. Jmc


      we dropping bangers on you and a Rygor since you guys deserve it

    3. Astral
  10. Bro pupster i’m not even gonna reply to that mention bro, that’s some fan behavior

    1. pupster


      Yes sir it is 

  11. Jmc

    don’t catch you failing climbing over a fence again bud

  12. Rawmondz please take @Snatch_Teefrom my possessions he’s an unhinged monster of an admin

  13. jb_bravo_b6 ba_jail_arizona2017