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  1. Congrats to you Phoenix, very well deserved!
  2. Congrats BoTo, remember when RemixedPixel thought you were a real Robot, that was funny, unless you are a real robot. In all seriousness well deserved and keep up the great work.
  3. AfterPoo!

    1. AfterPot



    2. Jmc


      Enjoys 2K21 and drinks bagged milk, sigh 

    3. AfterPot


      I drink bagged milk? 

      Even I didn't know that

  4. Jmc

    hey, kuri!

  5. Kuri you need to make a go-fund-me for a new PC man… no wonder you suck at comp and JB, congrats on the first and last win!
  6. Shoutout Asher for the movement servers events! Also, I’m taking last place!
  7. Jmc

    R6 Scrim Event!

    ? CANT WAIT TO FUZE THE HOSTAGE / Kick Creten's ass
  8. Come back! :(

  9. down bad.

  10. 2,7,9,10,18 are the only realistic ones and maybe 15. But 9 has my vote!
  11. Jmc

    Rank System Feedback

    BUMP! Anyone have thoughts on the new point values? @AfterPot@Spy.@EricTheGamer(just a few people I know who play Retakes daily anyone else feel free to answer).
  12. Congrats Happy Cat, doing good as always! Now that we have a ZE/ZM map on TTT can we add the drake frost tower map for some extra fun while we kill T’s fighting an ice dragon, thanks Creten/Trazz!
  13. Jmc

    Hey buddy, make sure to wish me a Happy Fathers Day, don’t forget the gift!