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    Definitely a female gamer

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      finally someone found out the truth

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    Rank System Feedback

    If a really top player were losing tons of plays and having a terrible game they shouldn’t be punished by losing 100s of points, I agree that there should be changed point values because although the person is a good player they shouldn’t have to go positive and do insanely well every single map, it’s like 5 kills and 1 death for people like oSen just to stay at the top. I know for FFA DM the higher players lose like 20+ points to a new player that could be really good, and that person could just keep killing the top player to the point they fall a rank or so.
  3. BOMBPARTY WITH SG!??!! AN AWARD?!!? STRAYYZ??!! I can’t wait guys, my body is filled with excitement!!! How about you guys?
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    It's just a sussy-baka, it cannot be that bad, I might just be a monster, or I might just go mad

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    Jay Ess Bee

  6. Dr Doo Doo Booger Balls!

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    They call me young bay cause, you already know that I'm [REDACTED]

  8. I am shaking... a JB RP event!!!! I can’t wait to show up!!!! Nice job events team!
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  10. @Fuffalomom doesn’t need to sign our permission slips this time!
  11. Can’t wait to watch Tenet with my best friend and JB connoisseur Tethys :)!
  12. Anime weeb!