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  1. Someone had to say it!
  2. No motivation to do any of my work.... 5 pages of science notes the first day and 3 textbooks, not currently vibing....
  3. Cornelius Naviaus Bartholomew

  4. Thanks Wesker for everything you’ve done here at SG, it was fun making fun of Chad with you, stay safe and good luck in the future!
  5. When I first tried smite I got booted offline, they by far have the most toxic community, they yell and bicker about every little thing. It’s really concerning but fortnite is pretty bad to with all the 7 year olds screaming their heads off.
  6. Congrats everyone except for Hawks since he is smelly!
  7. I know Forum Awards are disabled for the time being but will we have to work for them again if they do come back?
  8. Considering the game is free and still has a ton of accessible content outside of the 2 current DLCs I'd say it doesn't make it super expensive, you now only have to spend 55 dollars compared to 60 for a normal game and you also don't have too buy the other few DLCs since they came free in a combination for New Light.
  9. Let’s sunset this thread , me me me @Astral
  10. The Don

    The List

    Mace can’t get me though since my breed is different :)
  11. Hello kind sir