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It's that time boys.


It's been a good run at SG I've been here for almost 4-5 years now and the experience has been amazing. I got to meet incredible people spend some of the most hilarious moments with people who I can confidently call my good friends. I'm not gonna go on a spur about all you crazy people but Imma tag all the real ones who have been through it with me. @Charliere @Greggy G @Black Rain @Reid99 @kabLe @delirium @Trazz @Maniac @ThRza


All y'all were rock solid to work with and it was a pleasure getting to have some of my most memorable moments at SG with you truly appreciate you all and if I'm not already we gotta keep in touch.


I'd love to stay on as BD but life has been going a mile a minute and things have been escalating in my career very quickly. For those who don't know what I do now, I am now recently promoted a Project Manager at my company now which oversees quoting projects and scheduling of those same projects with the necessary guys. It's a huge step up for me and I am excited to see where it takes me in my professional career.


To leave a parting word of wisdom to everyone who is sticking it out with SG. Look to the future as a blank canvas, our history is full of rocky bumps and steep hills. Aim to make it a plateau anyone can come in and be apart of in the easiest way possible. Everyone has a voice and everyone has something of value to provide whether it be time or advice.


SG will always hold a place in my memories and I won't be completely disappearing anytime soon. I wish the board the very best with the future and don't be afraid to ask me personally for advice or a second opinion.


It's been good everyone see you on the flip side.



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My greatest achievement in SG is promoting you to be the second LA alongside me, and we were a force until the end. Even with how busy you were you still dedicated your precious freetime to this place to change it for the better in any way you could, and that type of dedication deserves applause. I would say some sappy crap like gonna miss you etc but we still going to be gamin so lol


something something frog from mha and hawks as the managers wowie, something something about catra also.

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