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Coming Tomorrow: Challenge Weeks

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Hey gamers,


We're always looking for new ways to entertain you guys and girls and give you a reason to play in our servers. Now I know we've done all sorts of giveaways in the past for games and credits and all that, but I'm pretty excited to tell you about the giveaway for these challenges. First I'm going to explain how it all works so you know how to get yourself entered into this MASSIVE giveaway.


Every week we'll be releasing 5 challenges that span across various servers, increasing in difficulty as the weeks go on. You'll see weekly challenges rolling out all the way to 12/28 totaling 60 challenges, with the winners being announced and prizes being distributed soon after. Throughout the challenge weeks they'll be different twists and turns as well as extra prizes to be earned, but ultimately you'll want to participate in the challenges to the very end to have the best chance at winning. If you complete 30 out of the 60 challenges you'll be entered into the giveaway 1 ticket (chance) of winning and if you complete all 60 challenges you'll get 2 more tickets. There might also be opportunities for more tickets along the way so be on the lookout. Now onto the prizes:


Grand Prize:


AMD Ryzen 7 3700x + Compatible Motherboard

(thank you @patrick)


(3) Runner Ups:


Custom SG Themed Gaming Mousepad* (design pending)

* keyboard and mouse not included


On top of all that goodness we're also releasing some new SG TF2 themed skins to bring a little bit of TF2 to CSGO, one of which can only be earned for completing the all the challenges. Every person who completes all 60 challenges over the next 3 months will receive a custom EXCLUSIVE SG SKIN.


Challenge Weeks Participation Skin




These 3 skins will be available for purchase in the SG store during the span of the challenges


SG Sniper


(20,000 credits)


SG Pyro White


(30,000 credits)


SG Pyro Black


(30,000 credits)


I'd like to thank everyone who helped contribute to this project, including but not limited to the CA, SM, MKT, & Modding team. Special shout out to those working closely on it: @Kieran@Kopsta@Trazz@Damon@20 scrolls@Infinityward@Black Rain@patrick




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