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  1. how did you get caution to remove the rep system?

    1. miche


      had a bad rep

  2. worth the 45 min commute go go go A24 dont miss
  3. naah dont wait go watch it in theaters. I personally think it's best experienced watching it on big screen, hits differently.
  4. U still haven’t watched it? Run don’t walk go watch it it’s really good. Easily became one of my favorite movies. Anyway, who’s watched it? Thoughts?
  5. miche

    Goodbye, Eri...

    Tatsuki Fujimoto's such a great story teller. His other oneshots are also really good
  6. miche

    Code Switching

    I guess code switching is a form of survival instinct as you try to conform to the standard of the situation especially for Black people. Its good to think about why we code switch and what we're doing it for like AAVE being considered unprofessional so Black people often use a more white sounding voice. Workspaces have historically been white dominant so the current standards have stemmed from there but why are other races/cultures way of acting, speaking, or dressing considered unprofessional? Code switching can also create some form of imposter syndrome for people as doubt themselves because they feel as they're faking their identity or ability which definitely affect's mental health.