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  1. Thank you for all the work you did on ZE and for the community. A true legend you are. Farewell o7
  2. Will.


    Damn just saw this post. Tbnk bro tu nous quit for real? Merci pour tout les rires bro et tout ce que tu as fait pour la communauté. Bonne chance à l'université et dans la vie bro. Tu va me manquer.
  3. Tinychat was always a fun time. I would like to see the same thing on discord.
  4. First time not making it to round 2, tough round. Good luck guys!
  5. "Secretary" Congrats man, well deserved!
  6. Definitely won't make it as far as the other years because my activity was low this year, but still won't vote for myself. Good luck everyone and you guys got to let me beat @Charlierethis year. PLEASE @Charliereyou better not vote for yourself
  7. Good to have you back @euro! Congrats @Kieranand @Chad on the promotion!
  8. Will.


    Thanks for everything you did for this community. You put in a lot of work and dedication and it showed. See you around man.
  9. I agree pretty much with everything case says here. I think edge_winter, mansion, cluedo and codewise should stay in the rotation, I don't really see any problem with them. I never liked seasons, I even once nominated it to be removed. It just, to me, doesn't feel like a TTT map. It's a big map with too main area people camp in, if you don't know the map well enough it can feel like kind of a maze. It happened a lot on this map, that T's would never find the last inno even with radar. My least favorite map in the rotation. As for breakthrough, I don't even remember if I've played on it, so no opinion.
  10. What I think we should do is add a sentence that pops in chat once in a while that says something like " Don't forget to check out our other servers by typing "!servers" in chat", so that new players know the command exists. When you type !servers, I agree that it should pop up like when you type !store, but instead all the servers are listed. When you click the number of server you want, I think it should either put the ip in chat or just automatically switch you to the server.
  11. I like this idea, definitely would be a useful command. Don't see any reasons why we shouldn't add this.
  12. I play a lot of cod modern warfare/warzone and Overwatch. Both are pretty fun.
  13. Since I only got to play a bit today the only new item I really got to see being used is the random teleport. In my opinion, it's pretty shitty. The biggest flaw to it is the rdm. I rdmed 3 people today on TTT(don't ban me please), because I didn't know this item existed. Even with knowing that it is an item, it's still really easy to rdm someone. I don't think I need to give any exemples on why it's easy to rdm, because I think you can imagine them yourself. This is just my opinion, but I do think this item should be removed as soon as possible. I don't think an item like that is needed in TTT.