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  1. I know personally that shotguns do have a lot of knock back, but I don’t think there is any need to nerf shotgun knock-back. I understand if you might think “well people might take advantage of that knock-back and get a lot of easy points.” But so far not many people even want to play ZM maps until there are at least 12 or less people. Heck, I usually am one of the people who tell people to use a shotgun because it’s easier meaning that not many people know/remember that a shotgun is really good for ZM. Now, I would be completely on your side for this if people start voting ZM and people just use shotguns 24/7, but until then, I just don’t see the issue. (Basically what I am trying to say here, is until we can see a lot of people abusing the shotgun knock back for points, there isn’t a need to nerf them.) And for anybody who doesn’t know, you can’t use shotguns on ZE maps, only for ZM maps. (ZM maps are hide and seek ZE maps, and are labeled as ZM to indicate they are hide and seek maps, these maps additionally give you half the completion points as ZE maps).
  2. My rank and my solo win on ZM Krusty Krab
  3. edit: so my previous info was technically wrong, I thought about what I said and was like that isn’t necessarily the case (basically a hit box is the area of which an object will be “taken as a hit” this means you could have a pencil and even though the size of it can be normal, you can change the hit box to be bigger than the pencil and basically wherever this hit box or area where it can be hit is located, is where that object in this case will take damage at, this is how a car can be the same size but let’s say the hit box is located at the tires or the window shield, this means no damage to the car would be done unless it is hit at the tires or the window shield. Without a hit box, the models that we have would practically be un-killable since the models rely on a “point of contact” for you to be able to take damage (point of contact is basically a point which something can touch or hit something and it would take in that effect/count that touch or hit to that object. Sorry if I made this confusing ;-;)
  4. boys, boys, we all know without the small heal, we would have lost the last round ;)
  5. Will there be a witch for a role
  6. Haha funny joke, when is the event starting again? Guys?
  7. Free game? Who would say no?!
  8. Dude wtf???

    1. Nolaria


      I didn’t realize your name was Nolan until it was too late, sorry man.

  9. I’d love to play, but with games coming out soon like State of decay 3, call of duty Cold War, and Halo Infinite and Dying Light 2, there are too many games to purchase. I’ll see what I can do though.
  10. Congratulations on admin! Welcome to the team and don't hesitate to ask any questions!

  11. If I could wear it on any outfit I’d wear the cat pajamas outfit (only usable by pyro ;-;) and the lucky cat hat
  12. Time to gun down some guards!
  13. I’m a noob, I would consider me not even had played the game...but with this said either spy or scout because I love to use melee in video games