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  1. BOM WHY, YOU HAVE DOOMED US ALL! congrats @20 scrollsand @TheZZL
  2. Will there be a witch for a role
  3. 20% chance of winning every item and I got none rip 900k+ points
  4. Haha funny joke, when is the event starting again? Guys?
  5. Ok, I understand this discussion was a long time ago, but this order shouldn’t even be considered an order. It should be considered a death game. By giving an order you are saying, if you don’t do this you are likely to be killed. I guarantee you if people didn’t have to do the floor is lava, they wouldn’t. Last thing somebody wants to do is have to get off of the floor in a certain time or they will be shot for not doing so. now, hear me out, I understand everything I said sounds like a normal order but the floor is lava is a game in general. Not to mention that is a ridiculous order to be given if someone doesn’t want to do it. Overall, the floor is lava is a game, not an order a guard should/would give. I mean, think about it, if you were a prisoner do you think a guard would say the floor is lava as a demanded order? and before you say “this isn’t real life”. Jb is based off of cops and criminals. Criminals either follow orders or be punished for not doing so. With an exception of a bit of fun if they are really good or if the guards feel like it.
  6. Free game? Who would say no?!
  7. Easy vote for Mania-oh, but then there is Rain...BoTo..BoM, gosh...this is harder than I thought
  8. Dude wtf???

    1. Nolaria


      I didn’t realize your name was Nolan until it was too late, sorry man.

  9. I’d love to play, but with games coming out soon like State of decay 3, call of duty Cold War, and Halo Infinite and Dying Light 2, there are too many games to purchase. I’ll see what I can do though.