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  1. That is nowhere on the server, Shrimp. Realistically speaking, do you expect new players to come and read the rules mid-game to learn more? It needs to be added as it's own little section in !info If you're all hell bent on keeping this. It's tbait plain and simple, but the term itself is now attributed to something that has been outlawed
  2. Tbait according to the rules is considered as: Traitor baiting. - Calling yourself a traitor in voice or chat. - Mistyping traitor commands (such as !tvoice) in chat. - Damaging a detective's health station without consent. - Damaging a traitor tester. - Shooting around or towards detectives. The only other mention is a 'Do Not Traitor Bait' or something along those lines; but this doesn't address what an inno shooting at another inno is. A user that I had a spat with brought up that it isn't covered under tbait, so you shouldn't be able to kill for it, seeing as it only addresses that shooting near a Detective. While regulars understand what the shade of grey actually entails, people who are passing through don't. I believe adding a quick sentence prior to the old rules quickly addresses this.
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    I still remember when he remember when we first met, I was crying at Erik's funeral when you consoled me. My first thoughts were, 'is that a fucking raccoon talking to me, what a freak' Our friendship quickly bloomed and you achieved great things, before the Lowes employee then commited arson; now this is a new chapter, and although we still talk, I hope you realize that I'll forever be in your corner
  4. All this passive aggresive bullshit, man I sure hope admins can do their jobs. If it's been stated once, it's been stated a million times: Admins can not act on what they didn't see, if they do and it turns out that you getting 'randomly' killed was justified; they're the ones who get screwed over. Despite being unironically viewed as a traitor to a gaming community; I'm still among the top most active TTT admins, if not the most active. I love this server way more than I should, but even I can admit that there still seems to a shortage of admins at times. Way too many times, I am the only admin on and I don't particularly feel like sitting in spec and playing silver simulator; naturally this feels like an insult to players who were potentially wronged at the corner of bumfuck nowhere. I help when I can and I do what I am allowed to, hell at times I even feel like I have a stick shoved up my ass when @Hypnoforces me to stop half the server from breaking maps.
  5. At the moment, the rule is if you don't see someone ID a body, you need to ask why they aren't IDing it; but let's be honest, no one does that. If you run over a body regardless of context, you will be sprayed down. I propose that we change this rule to make it optional to ID bodies. The new plugin no longer ousts Ts for not IDing bodies seeing as how they would be stupid to not ID bodies (gaining 25 credits per freshly IDed body), and Innocents only harm themselves in choosing to not ID seeing as how they need the accurate count to decide whether to shoot people or not. It's an outdated rule for an outdated mindset. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk
  6. Haha, this event looks very interesting! Can't wait to participate!
  7. Promised myself I'd get back to this, although it's only Case and I practically saying the same thing at this point. I agree with his stance on all the maps, except codewise should be tossed in with break and season as well.
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  9. Sucks I cant join the server and press 1 or 2 to be more impactful :ape: Most of these maps are just filler, whether they stayed or were removed; I dont particularly feel that any of these stand out or bring any true impact to the server. Seeing the server is on any of these isn't the same as seeing it on any of the more 'meta' maps. ttt_floodzone_2 A great concept and great execution. The map is great but I believe it'll never be staple. No reason to remove it though. 2. ttt_oregon_v1 Another great map, but the main problem is that it isn't utilized correctly, nearly the entire server stays on the roof or runs laps around the building when the destroyable surfaces are inside. The only time theyre broken is (or rather was) the start of the round and Ts traversing the map quickly. ttt_parkhousefix_sg_fix_v1 Entirely forgettable, would make 0 difference if kept or removed. ttt_hotwireslum Too many nooks and crannies, you're either on the roof or have a high chance of being shot by American Sniper holding the most off angle Tides would be proud of. Kills the population like no other. ttt_roy_the_ship_csgoport_V3_1 / ttt_vo_sg Respectively, these maps are bland and forgettable. Another 2 that fit the criteria of no one would really care if they're removed. All in all, these maps aren't particularly bad just entirely forgettable, except the first two and slum, fuck slum.