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  1. lmao loser stepped down



  2. No one won because we're all wrong. C'mon bro.
  3. The Retakes server is seen as much more of a competitive server than a fun one. People go on Retakes to warm up, and to simulate a competitive matchmaking experience, usually not to horse around and have fun (although there are players that like doing that kind of stuff). This is why you see that the goal of our Retakes server is to keep the experience of the players as similar as possible to an actual Retake scenario in a competitive match. An event, especially a weeklong event, that includes things that deviate more from a matchmaking-like experience probably wouldn't perform well. Some regulars, as well as newer players who join to play Retakes during this event will leave, and if the event lasts a week, someone who is not a member of the community probably won't come back. Another issue is that the maximum amount of players in the server is 9, so if there were an event people would most likely have to wait to participate. All in all, events for servers like Retakes servers are incredibly limited due specifically to the fact that with a server like this, you're trying to give the players the feel of an actual matchmaking experience.
  4. Yo @BoMhow about that discord partnership
  5. It takes them like two weeks to grade it 😐
  6. I don't know about you guys, but I had a fantastic day today. This morning my SAT results came in. That's all.
  7. My personal thoughts on this are that we can have a "warden" that is not necessarily what other communities, such as Tango may have, and we can change and adjust that addition (assuming it is added) if necessary, or if we feel as though a part of it is not balanced correctly or just doesn't jive with out server and the way we function. I like the idea of a "Head Guard" more, because you're allowing someone to take control of the CTs (and hopefully a more experienced CT as well) and make sure that the round is running smoothly. I'd like it if other guards were able to give orders, but st any time the Head Guard is able to revoke that order without it being a conflicting order, and other guards are not allowed to revoke the Head Guard's orders. Obviously there are ways to abuse this, such as taking Head Guard and just giving a freeday, but we have a lot of admins who play regularly and can prevent this sort of thing from happening. Overall I think this concept is interesting, and might be able to spice up the way SG plays Jailbreak as of now.
  8. congrats william! Hawks like killing turtles and drinking milk out of bags.
  9. Events should be structured so that you don't need a prize to draw people in. Yes, it would be nice if the winner was able to receive a prize such as the forum award (if it still exists) or credits or whatever, but it shouldn't be necessary to make people attend the event. That being said, another kahoot event sounds fun.
  10. ok so can we make it a rule that no one with a staff rank can win this giveaway, but also no regulars, with me being the exception obviously.
  11. Since I was the one who banned you, it is only right that I take your money too.
  12. Dreamz's wallet malding right now
  13. 10 players, 1 imposter. Speed 2.5x. Crewmate max vision, imposter 0.25x vision. Kill distance short, Kill cooldown 10 seconds. No sabotaging, except for doors (that means no comms, reactor, O2, or lights). Imposter has to announce themselves, no reporting bodies, no emergency meetings, no venting. Imposter has to find and kill everyone, last crewmate standing wins. Best map to do this on is Polus.